Locating Foreign Currency Exchange Services: A How-To Guide

Nov 20, 2023 By Triston Martin

When planning a trip abroad, a key consideration is where to exchange currency. Banks and credit unions are often the go-to choices for currency conversion before departure. They usually provide better currency exchange rates and lower fees than other options.

Should you find yourself already at your destination, hotels, and resorts can also assist with currency exchange, but typically at a higher cost.

Tips for Foreign Currency Exchange

A practical tip is to use your phone to search for "currency exchange near me." This will reveal various options like currency exchange offices, banks, and online services. However, be cautious; some search results may list places that don’t offer currency exchange services. Always verify through the location’s official website.

Remember, different sites have distinct fees and exchange rates, so it's wise to compare before deciding. The other tips are listed below to locate a nearby foreign exchange service.

Plan Ahead

Preparing your currency exchange well in advance helps avoid unnecessary stress. Knowing the currency conversion rates beforehand allows you to budget more effectively for your trip.

Compare Rates

Shopping around and comparing currency exchange rates from different providers is essential. This step ensures you get the most value for your money, maximizing the benefits of your currency conversion.

Understand Fees

Be vigilant about hidden fees or charges that might apply to your currency exchange transaction. Transparent providers will disclose all costs upfront, ensuring you understand the total expense clearly.

Check Operating Hours

For in-person exchanges, verify the operating hours of the chosen currency exchange service, especially if your schedule is tight. This step ensures you don’t face closed doors when you need the service most.

Avoid Airport Exchanges

Despite their convenience, airport kiosks typically offer less favorable currency exchange rates. It's advisable to explore other options for better deals.

Which Banks Offer Foreign Currency Exchange?

Many central banks exchange foreign currency in person and online. Some banks offer this service to all customers, while others require account holders. Banks may charge currency exchange transactions or delivery fees. These fees are usually cheaper than airport kiosk fees. The takeaway is that banks are more affordable than other currency exchange options.

Citizens Bank Currency Exchange

Citizens Bank boasts over 100 international banking center branches, primarily in the Northeast. These branches keep a stock of at least three major currencies, with the potential for more.

Contact your local Citizens Bank branch for detailed information about specific fees and restrictions is advisable. They're a solid choice for 'currency exchange near me' searches, especially for travelers in their service area.

Huntington Bank Currency Exchange

Huntington Bank offers an efficient solution for your currency exchange rate needs, catering to more than 75 different currencies. While their services are limited to account holders, they ensure accessibility with a flat order fee of $8.

Huntington Bank's reach is in six states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. This makes them a convenient option for residents in these areas looking for quick and affordable currency conversion services.

Bank of America's Foreign Currency Exchange

The Bank of America mobile app and online banking platform simplify currency conversion for account holders. Credit card customers can also use this service in person and have the currency delivered to their address.

Be aware of the $7.50 delivery fee for orders under $1,000. Bank of America's nearly 40 state branches make it a popular currency exchange option. Their extensive network lets you find a currency exchange location near you, making international financial transactions easier.

PNC Foreign Currency Exchange

When seeking a reliable 'currency exchange near me,' consider PNC, which is present in around 30 states. However, not every branch offers currency exchange services, so it's a good idea to call your local PNC branch for confirmation.

The excellent news for travelers is that PNC does not impose transaction fees on currency exchanges. Typically, your order will be ready in one to two days, making PNC a convenient option for your currency conversion needs.vv

Citibank Foreign Currency Change

Citibank offers over 50 foreign currency exchange options. Their branches offer this service by phone or in person. Citibank does not accept cash orders, so these orders must be charged to the customer's account. Citibank branches receive free delivery for convenience. However, they only have branches in about a dozen states.

Home delivery costs extra. Citigold and Citi Priority account holders can convert currencies more cheaply because Citibank waives service fees. Other customers pay $5 for amounts under $1,000, making Citibank a competitive currency exchange rate service.

U.S. Bank Currency Conversion

U.S. Bank is a reliable foreign currency provider for residents of over 20 states, mainly on the West Coast. They offer over 70 foreign currencies. The bank's currency conversion policy is simple: $20 minimum purchase and $10 transaction fee for purchases under $250.

Next-day delivery may cost more, depending on the order. U.S. Bank is a good choice for fast currency exchange.

TD Bank Currency Exchange Services

TD Bank simplifies currency conversion for account holders and the public. Over 55 foreign currencies are available for travel needs. TD Bank may be a good 'currency exchange near me' option if you're on the East Coast, where their branches are. Online transactions cost $7.50 and require $250. Plans are essential since orders take two to three days to process.

Wells Fargo's Currency exchange

For 'currency exchange near me,' Wells Fargo is a reliable option. With locations in most U.S. states, this bank converts over 70 currencies. Account holders who can place orders in person, online, or by phone benefit from this service.

Wells Fargo's transfer fees-free service makes it a cost-effective foreign currency option. It's best to order beforehand because their branches usually have something other than foreign cash. This proactive approach ensures you get the currency you need without last-minute hassles.

Foreign Currency Services, Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank's currency exchange flexibility is notable. They serve customers and non-customers in 11 states, making them accessible to everyone.

Travelers seeking low currency exchange rates benefit from branches with foreign currency available and no transaction fee. You'll likely find the currency you need with up to 70 options. For non-customers, contact the local branch to inquire about costs.

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